Can history Revive Entrepreneurship?

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Erhan Erkut is a professor and Ph.D. holder, he received nine teaching awards, including the INFORMS Teaching of Management Science Practice Award. After returning to Turkey in 2005, he served as Dean of the Business School at Bilkent University (2005-07), Currently, he serves on the boards of three local education associations and works actively to promote skills development for youth and entrepreneurship. Dr. Erhan gave the opening speech in startup Istanbul 2014.

Culture tries to turn you into a slave to agriculture, corporate and industry, but it is in your DNA to decide whether to stay there or be free. So be yourself, think and have fun.

Burak, founder of Startup Turkey introduces Erhan Erkut from MEF University as a ‘Gandalf’ of the current ecosystems. Closely looking at the world’s development, from cognitive evolution, to language evolution, to religious, scientific, agricultural and industrial evolution, people must understand the depth of where we have all come from.

Could history from 1000 years play any role, and is important to know that there are differences in how people lived from hunters and gatherers, when we designing our own caves, building our own tools and collecting and sharing our own food?

Reckoning that Erhan enjoys a visual display of quantitative information, he notices that we can be compassionate for anything coming from land that is edible, could grind it and more likely to grow it back, offered we water them to hasten. It can only be productive when we handle misapprehensions. In addition, human decided to farm on a large scale, and lived in villages. He calls this “domisticational wheat”. As the word almost comes from home, the wheat ended up domesticating us.

For a growing number, we have become servants of wheat, we gave it water and ensured it survives. It then gave us food, helped us produce babies, then more food and more babies. Apparently, there is a need to create and build a storage structures so that they arent stolen. This meant building fences, higher structures and then security. The need to offer protection led to the concept of a basic mafia concept to provide security services.

Kings, sultans, emperors, and the likes have come out of all that and abroad in countries that we can return in taxation. This is what agricultural evolution entails and has brought major changes in our current way of life.

Basic calculations translates 2.5 million years ago in 24 hours, what about 10,000 years? This takes about 4 minutes. Think of it like 4 minutes until midnight. We have developed ourselves from tourists, without much time for development. We must now make artificial structures such as the state, money, religion and human rights to regulate them naturally.

This shows that we have become slaves to “agriculture, industries, and corporates” when we work in companies. We still see the same development as the people who built the plant, and we quickly came up with the idea of ​​sending our children to the factory to become workers and believe that this was an increased welfare. This is slavery in a different context, emphasizes Erhan.

We must realize that this slavery must be transformed into the creation of autonomous individuals and free people. Remember that pieces of a chessboard must be a “chess player” and not pieces on a chessboard! If you look at it in detail, people should be described as autonomous, chess players, and now entrepreneurs.

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