Go on and Experiment

This article is written by Mohammad Eslim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Adam Berk is a lean entrepreneur, lean teacher, and Serial Entrepreneur. He is one of the more intrepid experimenters. He is currently an Implementation Coach at Pearson and Entrepreneur-In-Residence at The Entrepreneurial Science Foundation.

I’m one person out of the world’s population that feels the need to rebel if there is for real some good things that can be achieved out of it, be it on the account of annoying people, getting out of line and agendas or in the rare cases a system of a company, which means not so secretly pissing off some big people- basically the whole board members so cheers, I think?

I admit consequences might be bad but it’s a chance I’m sure some will be willing to take even if results are unclear and still undefined, but the upsides are immeasurable if you have your way and got the results that are expected to be the turning point into better state in terms of important factors that are vital to the company’s marketplace.

What I’m about to tell you is that you are more than free to do experiments in case you notice some changes or a slight problem that are harming the business’s streaming in the market. For example if the customers are not willing to pay, the demand is changing, a product’s sales are not as it should be, the customers’ satisfaction is not at the level where it was in the last month or any other thing that you deem worth of paying attention to and test it with experiments.

So go on and do experiments testing your theories and solutions to the services or the products, people will appreciate your tries in the long run so it’s ok to go out of the building and ask people and customers about what they like or see better in their opinion regarding some service in your app. For instance, mobile application built for unemployed journalists including photographers, editors, writers or videographers, it’s more a freelancing app that hosts them in order for them to find work through this app that also is connecting people who hire them like other editors and publishers and so on.  This app is working marvelously in the first months and the users of the app rate is 200 journalists per month, 600 one right this moment, so the problem which they are facing right now is the paying system; because there are some hirers who flat out won’t pay and some would but may address some issues with electronic payment systems specially through apps and the internet.

Through some mentorship the entrepreneurs realized all they have to do is some testing fast and on a wide range to know what is precisely to be done in order to solve this kind of problems. And this extend to other entrepreneurs and companies for them to avoid unwanted delays later on the way, the tests and experiments will allow you to make most of the people happy as we all know that you can never make everyone happy and content, so if there is one percent of your customers who will not be satisfied with how you made use of the experiments results then do it and make that change. Making the other ninety-nine percent of your customers happy in more important than the happiness of this minority and it’s fine to do so.

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