Stefano Danna

Touch Perfection And Be A Master

This article is written by Mohammad Eslim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Stefano Dánna is the author of three books; “A dream for the world-Un Sogno per l’umanità”, “Berlusconi In Concert”, and “The School for Gods”. Has been a leading manager of multinational companies including Alfa-Romeo, Olivetti Corporation (based in Milan), Olivetti Corporation of America (based in New York and the Middle East), and FIAT International (Turin and Jeddah). He was present at Etohum İzmir Kampı 2012, hosted at Izmir Ekonomi University, and delivered a session where he shared his experience and gave insight.

Remember all the sayings about perfection and imperfection? Well, forget them all. Anybody who states that nobody is perfect is for a fact generalizing his opinion on every human living on this 7 billion populated planet.

Being perfect is not about being flawless in your beauty or about you never committing sins or doing wrongs because lets face it, prophets are not on this earth anymore. But what kind of perfection does our community want us to come really close to? There are millions of people contributing to the definition of perfection to take one as the unified definition of what perfection is and what it should be.

For one, beauty isn’t measured by a world wide scale. You find black and white with different standards of beauty descriptions. It’s also not measured by your characteristics because your persona is uniquely yours and there is no measurement for something meant to be different and unique. Not even popularity, wealth, knowledge or your handiwork. We can say how perfect all of those in our opinions to what perfect is in out dictionary but it’s not an ISO definition either.

I believe perfection is really achieved when you reach your goal with the hardest effort you can make, spending whatever you can to invest into it, putting all your knowledge to make it happen, using any connection or contact in your network to support that hard-work and still keeping your faith that it will eventually become true. 

Stop chasing success when you can make yours right with your hand as it’s not something you catch but something you build and craft with your hands until you grasp it victoriously. Never forget that perfection is actually what you aim it to be and not what people tell you it is. Once you start something don’t ever aim for anything less than the perfect result you want to have at the end. Try your best, then your hardest, then keep trying with all you have got and you will get there telling all of those who snickered at your every fall that you did it.

Don’t feel pressured to do it quickly, but rather than quickly you shall focus on doing it right. Don’t lose your focus and distract yourself with side dishes when you have yet to excel the main dish. You will fail not only once, not twice, not thrice but a lot of times you would be in the dark place with the depressed thought in no time; however, you get back up, for failing once means an added experience and failing loads of times means loads of experiences for your next try to make your perfect goal in mind a perfection of a dream coming true.      

In conclusion, perfect is what you put all of yourself in in order to achieve. Certainly not what people declare nor what only satisfy your need. Perfect is all you want to see in something you do, the key word is ‘want’ not ‘need’. Because focusing on your need means to survive with whatever you can find whereas ‘want’ means focusing on all you wish to see in something you worked hard to get.

─ September 12, 2019