4 Realities That contribute To Global Fluidity Of Businesses Today

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Sten Tamkivi is the C.E.O of Topia which is a globally recognized company that offers consultation on global mobility for companies and Governments.

The movement of people from country to country saw more than 4 billion plane tickets being sold in 2018 alone! The global fluidity is unstoppable more so when the Digital revolution becomes even more intense. And as new technologies are being worked on to ensure that movement and communication of people become smoother, faster and cheaper in the coming days, the current friction of global movement will further go down.

In order for entrepreneurs to innovate the right types go business solutions that fit within the expected increase in global human fluidity in the coming days, they must be aware of the following four types of realities that are the core reasons behind the wish for people to migrate to different countries other than where they were born. And those four reasons go as follows :

(1.)  The presence of armed conflict :

In countries of the world where armed conflict among other social unrest persists, it becomes hard for business to thrive due to the volatility of the economy. As such, residents born in countries that are experiencing armed conflict always look for any slight opportunities to migrate to safer countries where they can start a business and build a life from scratch.

If we keep experiencing conflict as we head to the future of digital disruption that enables easier technologies for people to migrate easily, then the highest percentages of people are bound to migrate abroad in the coming days.

(2.) The Denial of self -expression

For countries that deny people the chance to become who they want to be without offending others, they breed the right environment for citizens to look for possible pathways to migrate to countries where self-expression is acceptable.

 And with the ease of availability for citizens of the world to read any type of information on human rights being easily available online coupled with the possibility for innovating modes of transportation that will be easier in future, we should anticipate an increase in the movement of people been countries in search for human rights accommodation. This means that countries that offer good entry grounds for foreigners in search of human rights accommodations will indeed have more foreigners which might be a good thing for business and availability of diverse entrepreneurial skills from the foreigners.

(3.) Low Development infrastructure

Countries that have a low development index are poised to experience either an increase in development entrepreneurs who might be eyeing the presence of poor infrastructure as a chance for their companies to develop such countries based on business agreements with the available governments  or alternatively , if countries with poor infrastructure will make it hard for foreign companies to come in and offer contracts in development, then we are bound to see a scenario where business people from such countries with strict government laws on foreign development migrating to other countries that are already developed to do business .

(4.) Religious Tolerance :

Countries that are more tolerant of religious differences are bound to experience more development in the coming days than countries which are harsh or reluctant to accept people of other faiths. As a matter o fact, innovators who feel at risk because of their unique religious affiliations are likely to seek refuge in countries that offer them solace hence such innovators will contribute meaningfully to their new found home abroad.

Its All In Our Hands

The turn out for immigration in the future of digital disruption and how it affects business operations is all in our hands.  We have the power to listen to each and every person wherever they are towards building societies that are accommodative to live in and thrive in business or we could decide to not listen to people that are different from the majority and let them have a rough time doing business and as s result lose their skills and business expertise since they will have to migrate to places that they are welcomed.

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