Murat Ozyegin

You Are The Future to a Better Ecosystem

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Turkey.

Murat Ozyegin of Fida Holding A. S. begins with three international news slides chosen while he searched in the last 10 days for clippings or positive screenshots on his phone and his latest newspapers and showed up-to-date information about the banking and economic components “terrible loans” and the power of employers in Europe, because banks are getting worse. Central Bankers act like they don’t know that we will experience terrible changes to wrong behavior and a terrible future for European banks.

Murat Ozyegin begins with 3 slides with international news wires that he’d virtually chosen as he ran into them while searching for positive clippings or screenshots from his iPhone and actual newspapers in the past 10 days showing actual information about banks and economic components as we talk about ‘exposed to horrific loans’ and power in an employer in Europe as banks are being worse off. The central bankers have no clue and that we are going to hold a horrible order for the wrong doing and the frightening future of the European banks.

The first slide explains how China has been the thriving driver for the world and is having serious stress where they stand with their investors and inventory markets. Chinese have a lot of money in the inventory markets but its collapsing, plus their growth is being curved and their long-standing support or subsidies into other sectors are now coming to an end. The banking machine with probably savings benches a ‘huge debt dragon’ as they put it, and their possible debt problems evolve.

Another slide shows how we are unfortunate on dealing with a horrible situations like Syria. They are nevertheless arguing that this is definitely going to be in the history of the future written for World War 3. Russia, Turkey scenario and European Union’s massive issues with dealing with refugee prices keep sending the hurdles of the rightist as events are trekking more than ever yet the seats are getting most prominent.

European leaders and Union offices are on the risk and being questioned whether it will preserve or not in the coming future. The only solution out of this truth is amongst us entrepreneurs. It is such a thoughtful conflict because this scenario can only be solved with job creation, an economic growth and the ecosystem is exclusively the way out of all these.

Even 90% of the jobs created in the previous 5 years have been created by means of groups that are 5 years older or younger. Think about the significance of statistics, like Turkey or the vicinity which has a lot younger populace than the US. The job innovation is the only way to maintain the momentum in the region, running not only its financial system but also socially. It is ironical that we are looking at jobs that won’t exist in 5 years.

Another borrowed slide from a previous speech in Startup Istanbul convention also organized by Burak, claim that job titles in top 10 for LinkedIn are the most popular ones as posted in 2008 as reference. So these resolutions on LinkedIn that simply didn’t exist 7 years in the past and are consequently due to a room or stuff that honestly have been gathered by entrepreneurs like you that have been created as new jobs.

Therefore, looking at this 2024-hope, new job creations are those which we arent aware because of the fact that they have no longer been created.

─ October 17, 2019