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Invest in a Digital Economy Startup

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

First, as an investor, you shouldn’t  be scared by the term Digital Economy Start-up

We all fear something. All of us! And whatever our fears are we should always gain the courage to overcome it as sometimes our greatest fears hold the key to our freedom. The freedom to be happier, healthier or even more social depends on whether we face the fear that stands in our way.

And to investors, the concept of the digital economy most of the time sends chilling spines simply because this is an area that has not been meaningfully explored.

For instance, how many Universities do you know that offer courses in Digital economies? The answer to this question has no quick answers for most investors. This means that for an investor to consider pumping their money in Digital Economy start-ups they would have to be exceptionally courageous

I would love to point out that its only courageous investors who overcome the fear of losing and concentrate on satisfying the ever-changing market demands that do succeed eventually.

As an investor, you must embrace encourage in order to strip away the fear of investing in the digital economy start-ups. Digital Economies are the core trading forms of doing business in the near future.

To help you in this journey, I have prepared a complete roadmap that you can use to navigate through the uncertain process of investing in digital economy start-ups. Am confident you will overcome the fear of investing in the digital economy at the end.

Considering to invest a Digital economy Start-up? Then rebrand your approach

First, from now on I want you to perceive the digital economy through the lens of a new awakening. Have the courage to see everything with newness in regards to the digital economy (even when selecting vocabularies).

For instance, instead of using the term ‘International’ when dealing with the digital economy, it will be top notch for you as an investor to start embracing the term ‘global’.

This is because, throughout the history of boundaries and immigration, Governments always handling the aspect of International relations with strict laws and tedious bureaucracies.

The above phenomenon makes it hard to imagine that a new digital economy start-up will smoothen and fasten the boundaries and immigration processes that have been lagging for decades.

But by the mere fact of embracing the term global  instead of the usual ‘International’ when convincing Governments to partner with a Digital economy state-up that you have funded which uses either blockchain or bitcoin technology to track the movement of people across the world then you are sure of being given a second thought simply because you’ve introduced a new twist in arguing you presentation.

The point here is that, when considering to invest in the digital economic era, then you must rebrand every traditional view of conducting business.

Be a unique investor as the world enters into the digital economy that is unique itself.

So, what is the Unique Value Proposition of a Digital Start-up Economy

Ok, as an investor am sure right now your anxious to gain a picture of the ideas you’ll be funding through a Digital economy start-up. And to be honest, at the back of your mind your equally wondering what are the possible revenue streams that come with a Digital Start-up Economy.

So, let’s solve the above thoughts by scrolling down.

First, in order to understand what you will be funding, you must know what your offering. And in the case of a digital economy, your poised to offer solutions to immense challenges that have for ages been allocated the highest thinkable amount of investments but still the outcomes have been frustratingly dismal.

From the above concerns, your number one client as a Digital economy investor should be the Government! And do You know why? Because Government services in nature are meant to address the toughest problems facing mankind today just as I have explained below.

Look at immigration, for instance, millions of people across the globe are continuously and increasingly looking for new adventures or opportunities today. Of course, we project the world population to grow as we head to the future and this implies that immigration control is gonna be a big opportunity for any company that will offer solutions to ease the process.

Other Government services for the public like maintaining accountability and transparency in managing public resources through fighting corruption and wastage of public funds are facing challenges as the current Governance systems are failing.

So, if a Digital Start-up economy either through bitcoin or blockchain models introduce the aspect of E-Governance which can efficiently and quickly track the movement of public resources then be sure that this is a business model that will transform the world.

As a wise investor, you shouldn’t bargain with your money when you meet such a start-up with E-Governance solutions. Just take the risk. But if your still dilly dallying the next paragraph will address how to overcome this fears.

Why the fear of losing it while investing in the Digital Economy shouldn’t concern you as an investor

Why the fear of losing it while investing in the Digital Economy shouldn’t  concern you as an investor

And when talking about risks an average investor experiences fear. This is because they are putting money out and they wouldn’t want to lose it meaninglessly.

But no matter how complicated E-government Start-up appears you should never despise it as an investor.

For instance, bitcoin or blockchain innovations are new concepts but some time back were viewed as craziest start-ups whose odds for success were questionable. Only crazy investors considered putting their money in bitcoin or blockchain technologies then. For your information, the few crazy investors who had the guts to put their money in bitcoins or even blockchains when the idea was still at ideation stage are reaping big today!

With the Digital economy you just never know.


So, as an investor, if you meet a pitch from a Digital economy start-up today that promises transform the efficiency and transparency in Government services then you shouldn’t have a second thought. Go ahead and risk it. Even if you fail once, still identify the next start-up in this space and invest your money in it.

I will insist that no matter how complicated the Digital Economy start-ups might be, never let the fear of losing your seed investment hold you back. Because this could be it. This could be a digital transformation that would transform Government public services towards efficiency, fast delivery, accountability, quick tracking and without flaws.

That young person pitching to you how their Digital Start-up economy can monitor human movements across boarders or whatever it is could be the next big thing across the world in less than a decade.

To you the investor, I wish you all the courage to invest in Digital Start-up Economies that promise to solve the toughest of human problems out there.

─ November 30, 2019