Looking at a More Global View of What Others are Doing for Startups

This article is written by Munira Hussein, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

There is massive lack of networking education for startups. There is an increased growth of startup platforms to teach startups about what to run their business. They connect startups and investors. This helps create opportunities and has been of great help in closing the gap between the startups and venture capitalists.

Other members have taken to organize event, activities and events to teach people about entrepreneurship in Mauritania. It is a non-profit. They do this to give back to the community. They get their fulfilment from seeing young people network and get funding.

The startup weekends in Morocco was founded to build a network as well. They discovered that we changed people’s lives.  Startup weekends learn about in morocco. We learn about the Morocco ecosystem through the startup events. They introduce other competition to fill gaps.  This couldn’t have happened without startup weekend. 

The goal is to look at what the need is, then fulfill it.  There is need for more people to bring in the funds. For example, in Turkey, there is need to create the FOMO. There is need for more mentors. Get traction, launch the thing. One can also learn a lot through mentoring.

When you look at the trajectory of the startup in Israel, the system has some role to play. They want to help create a long term sustainable ecosystem and that can only be done in a private system. Governments can play their roles, they are a major stakeholder but community is entrepreneurial led. And when thinking of who to partner with to run the programs, they want them to be entrepreneurs. The government is only required to complement the effort of the entrepreneurs but not have them to be the people on stage.

Entrepreneurs don’t talk the language of startups. The startup-entrepreneur events help bridge that and connect the two.  Failure is part of your journey. There is nothing good about it except the lessons. Find people who are into it. You have all the knowledge but nothing gets translated to business. It’s never the startups world but the business world that is always waiting. Engage with the people.  The companies in the emerging markets do not feel the fire.

There is huge potential in every emerging economy. The community builders are more entrepreneurial, there is a difference between entrepreneurs and being entrepreneurial. Being an entrepreneur by definition is identifying problems and solving them. They are community builders because they are seeking attention in a positive context. Sometimes people found communities in order to create a community in which they can start a business. The solutions won’t come from the existing solutions but from new solutions. There is need to create more solutions. You do it for the next generation. In the community, people always applaud the startups but the mentors should be applauded. Second category, partners and sponsors, they help facilitate the program.

─ November 25, 2019