Your Pitching Move

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Turkey.

Andrea Barrica is a partner of 500 startups and founded a company called Indinero that has run for about 5 years ago. She is a trainer and coach for pitching and has helped a number of startups to tell their stories.

Talking at Startup Istanbul’s event, the biggest problem was never communicated by an investor. Know that no one cares about your business while pitching, as you might think. Such thoughts are very normal and can be used to build your confidence as an entrepreneur.

There is always a chance. Find out what’s most interesting for your business. If you have not started or launched your business, it must be something about your team or your market.

If you can get started, you must know that you need to build a vision and great money to enter the market. The team is fundamental and can include a former founder of a successful company that’s has already exited or someone with a deep network and technological knowledge. Things like knowledge research show the opportunities for investors but disregard information related to how long you’ve known each other with your co-founder.  As example being, “The founders of Map-Jam are people who have known each other for fifty years and met in a geographical class.”

They have a sequence of interests when you tilt. First, traction, revenue, or KPIs are most attractive to businesses because people don’t have to believe in the function, quantitative numbers always tend to move the investors. Second, if encouragement and motivation are not available, focus on the team, you know what makes it extraordinary.

Third, technology, is there flexible technology that the company has? E-commerce may not be much different, but you can protect things like applications. The attraction, technology and history of the team go together. Is that an extraordinary grip? Always say the percentage of growth on a monthly basis to provide details about futuristic predictions that can prove that something is growing every month. If something really important is on your slide, don’t get back to it, create another one as a reference point.

And fourth, providing a pitch for your investors must educate, motivate or inspire them.

This encourages a 60 second step to assess clarity, boredom, and delivery as feedback. Share important things and disregard big words. Be more specific about the product, for example: “We offer hardware that is paired with a mobile application and prevents stolen cars.”

If you are in a crowded market room, for example, creating content, providing food, or something that has a clear common competitor, make a crucial difference while doing the pitching and show why it’s a better version.

Make it feel like a story and connect tips together. Go down, slow down and find values ​​that cannot be overcome for your business.

If the investor does not understand what you are doing, they will definitely not invest. They want to understand problems, opportunities and customers open for them.

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