The Next Wave Of Investment Opportunities

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

The Startup Turkey led to discussions based on a vision of joint investment, especially in the region. The host is Deniz Tuncalp from ITU Ari Teknokent and active participants; Khaled Talhouni from Wamda Capital, Numan from 212 Capital, Hassan Halder from 500 Star Company, and Cenk Bayraktar from Revo Capital.

In the first round, Khaled’s view for the future highlighted the need for optimism, mainly because entrepreneurs were involved in selling for income, and after the last 20 years, trauma through turmoil have created the best time to invest in the region’s companies. Consider the company’s context within the framework of a 10-year horizon, because a macro view provides a much more positive perspective with the proliferation of mobile devices, demographics, and education, regardless of quality.

Where do investors commit their money today? Cenk confirmed that they invest in a company with a horizon of at least five years. It should be noted that the region is rich in small and medium enterprises (SME), despite lagging behind the Western world due to a lack of IT, equipment and digital use, which estimates for five years that B2B cloud services will be open to competitive investors because SMEs change in daily operations and must be more digital. Look at market power and the problem. For example for Turkey, we need to see more improvements in fintech so that we can meet those challenges and solve global problems.

Hassan bestowed that investor confidence in the region and globally is evident as global markets were affected and rose sharply due to falling oil prices. At the macro level, instability may occur, but sets deadlines for most governments and ecosystems, which require them to move to a knowledge-based economy. This can be seen as; first, concerns about the continuation of economic activity due to regional oil prices. And second, most people worry about what’s next in terms of innovation and where to take money. This kind of concern is a challenge, especially with regard to youth unemployment, but the solution is to start and invest in innovation.

Numan stressed that if the biggest option to reduce this perturbing challenge is to invest in new companies in the region, then age-related problems in business matters should not ignored because there are some companies that need more information to succeed and Turkey is trying to create an ecosystem and develop in various stages, for example through entrepreneurship, connecting investors and completing cycles to grow them. According to Hassan, there is a shortage of investors and it is clear that capitalists sometimes need to invest in businesses and founders who create something new that is different from the ordinary modus operandi of real estate, construction, and other preferences. Numan nailed down by explaining why he doesn’t enjoy watching TV nor read newspapers, because they want to be optimistic and want to see ambitions in a potential startup that cannot be disappointed with the economic situation that manifests itself in the media.

─ December 15, 2019