11 Key Features That Every Innovator Must Showcase In Their Software Applications

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Eamonn Carey is the Managing Director at TechStars London. He was previously MD at Techstars Connection in partnership with AB InBev in New York, and has been a long-term mentor, advisor and angel investor in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the US.

We are at the period in time where tech entrepreneurs are continuously burning the midnight oil to ensure that they not only come up with game-changing products and services that will keep their businesses at par with the digital times and also better the experiences of the customers that will use their products and services.

As the push for discovering trending software applications that will completely change the face of businesses intensifies, the question for what qualities makes business software applications to be appealing for targeted customers becomes even louder and louder in the digital laboratories. And that is why today we have prepared 11 comprehensive features that should be at the mind of every innovator while they explore the possible new software applications that should be introduced to the digital market. We hope that you will enjoy this read.

#Software Attribute 1: Scratch where targeted customers feel itchy

While designing the business software application that you wish to build, make sure to relate it towards solving a real customer problem that exists.

Do not just come up with a business software application that is fancy and working in amazing ways without showcasing how the same betters the customer experience or solves a customer problem. 

Remember that business software applications are meant to better the trading of goods and services and not for the beauty of art involved. In fact, customers might like your amazing digital software application but they will not pay for it if they don’t derive value from it.

#Software Attribute 2: What is the Competitive Edge

Probably the business software application that is in your mind is being worked on or already has been launched in the market already, remember great minds think alike.

 Therefore, it’s within your responsibility as an innovator to ideate of a unique feature that will be reserved for customers who will be using your digital software application and they won’t get the same from your perceived competitors.

You must always imagine the shortcomings of your innovation and then try your level best to mitigate the same so as to stay ahead of the game.

#Software Attribute 3 : Consider the customer journey

Again, it’s not just enough to figure out the customer problem or how you’re bettering the customer journey through the business software application that you are designing. It is important that you factor in the tiny little bits that will be involved when the targeted customers use your product.

Do a careful customer journey test for whoever will be using your complete business software innovation and then analyze each step so that it’s clearly catered within your innovation.

Remember its the many little things that make a difference.

#Software Attribute 4: Your innovation Should Be Fast To use

Listen, the potential of a first time user to come back to use your new software application that has been launched in the market is solely dependent on how fast the software will work after being installed on their device.

 In fact,  if the software application is slow after being installed it contributes to a 16 percent decrease customer satisfaction and another 7 percent loss of conversation or referral rate of your app to others.

Actually, how fast your new app will work is similar to how you show up for your first date or interview, hence if your app doesn’t steal the show at this phase then the chances of it being successful actually reduce.

# Software attribute 5: Be clear. Simple. That’s it.

When designing your software application for business purposes, you should have a clear description or term of how you will introduce the same app to the target market.

Ideally, you need to have short sentences and simple words. If you can come up with one word to describe your software application then that would be amazing as it will be easy to grasp and remember by the public and of course the target market.

# Software attribute 6: Make it easy to install

You need to mark this advice as important. If you’re new to a market then you need to calm down. Stop inventing a software application that needs the users to answer multiple questions and taking them to other pages to fill forms and so forth before they get an account. Such a tedious attribute pisses of some customers and they give up on the way.

Instead, make sure that you have the easiest form possible that a customer can install your app without having to fill an essay of questions.

#Software attribute 7: Interconnect your software with other platforms

One way to better your software application is to ensure it has tools that are interconnected with other apps for easy sharing of information and even registering.

For example, instead of a new user going full scale to register an account with your app, they could simply interconnect the same with another app that they are on and they are good to go. This restores confidence to customers that your app is recognizable and accepted in the world of software apps.

#Software attribute 8: Make your  software app to be obvious to use

After installing your software app, a new customer should easily be able to navigate through your app without having to read through a three hundred page online manual.

 In short, let your software application have a resemblance of global digital signs and framework that can make any ordinary digital user know where to click without consulting a technician.

# Software attribute 9: Give the users one more reason to come back

Again, let your users have one more reason everytime they visit your app to come back. This could be through sending them notifications of an event that will be live on your app or even promising them points that can be redeemed whenever they stay o your app longer.

#Software attribute 10: Let the users be delighted to use your app

Yes, I know this is business and your app is meant to solve customer problems. However, the same customers whom your app is targeting are humans too with feelings and they just don’t want to be that gloomy every time they log into your app.

Therefore, explore ways that the users of your app can get excited by encrypting tools that engage with the users through humor, fun and even trivia.

# Software attribute 11: Embrace diversity within your app

Finally, even with your target customers, there is that aspect of diversity. We have different races, religions, gender, disability types, cultures, ages and so forth within your target customers. Therefore make an effort on how your app can appreciate this diversity within your target customers.

Maintain Flexibility

While designing your business software application, it is important to note that even after you finish and launch it to the market, that is not the end. As a wise innovator, you should have your ears and eyes steady to grasp any new development that would be worthy to include in your already running app.

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