e-Estonia Estonia’s gift to the world.

This article is written by Nardine B. M’barek, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

 It was because of the will of making the people comfortable, and making their lives easier, that e-Estonia was created. A whole nation that is run digitally, with people joining in everyday, and enjoying the different services that are provided by the digitized society.

E-Estonia now counts 25.000 e-residents. With the rising number of people that are constantly applying to join e-Estonia, Mr. Korjus estimates that in 10 years or less, the number of EU companies ran through the online platform will rise significantly, especially that it gives you the chance to establish an EU company within a single day, run it online, and do everything legal online as well. E-Estonia is definitely a nation for everyone that wishes to build a successful life, without much physical effort needed.

E-Residency started to empower entrepreneurs everywhere thanks to its services and opportunities. It constructs a way to success for those brilliant minds who were stopped by the blocking stones of physical barriers. Thus, thanks to it, anyone, anywhere in the world, can now create, and run a company without difficulties.

In order to join e-Estonia, three simple steps need to be followed; the first step is to fill in a short application form on the website of the digitized society, with paying 100€ as an entry fee, and just wait for the approval. That being done, the second step is very easy as well.

Applicants only need to choose a virtual office provider, and register their company online, the state fee is just 190€, after that, they can open accounts for business banking and payment processing. The third step is to simply run the business remotely from wherever the e-resident is. They will have the chance to choose from the list of trusted service providers offering tailored services for all their business fees an assistant to run their virtual offices, also an accountant to keep track of their earnings.

Mr. Korjus emphasized on the fact that the world is becoming a global place, meaning that the existence of physical barriers ia already enough, and that there should not be any digital barriers anywhere. That is the main goal of e-Estonia; making the world bounderles. E-Estonia of course offers various solutions for its citizens. For instance, if you are a digital nomad, and you want to run your company when you more to another country, e-Residency is definitely the answer to that.

Mr. Korjus described what he called “Estonia’s gift to the world” as giving the opportunity to everyone who wishes to start a new life, and build their proper company, to be recognized globally, not minding the physical borders existing. He also mentioned that thanks to e-Estonia, other nations are now adopting technology, and becoming fully digitalized: which is what e-Estonia exactly wants.

The fact that e-Estonia opened to the world, and started providing worldwide citizens with its digitized services, is in itself, a revolutionary act in both the fields of technology and entrepreneurship, and to the world’s future overall.

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