How to launch your brand and network

This article is written by Nardine B. M’barek, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Asra Nadeem, a Program Director within Draper University, has joined us during Startup Istanbul 2017 to deliver an informative workshop concerning Angel Investment. She comes from Pakistan, and two of her companies are created by Tim Draper, and that is how she knew about him. As we have seen with Mrs. Nadeem, one of the most challenging things about being an Angel, is launching your brand and network, that is why this article is going to deal with that issue. 

 An Angel is a hard job and a very profitable one at the same time. If you consider one day becoming an Angel, then you need to be aware of all what this position requires, and everything that you need to do in order to build a proper reputation in the market for yourself. It might be a little bit difficult if you have joined the field recently, but do not fear it, as in this article, we are going to help you with some important details you need to know concerning being an Angel. 

Mrs. Asra Nadeem was present with us to deliver an Angel investment workshop, during which she gave us valuable details that we are going to share with you in here. 

The big question about being an Angel and starting to actually invest in companies and entrepreneurs, is how to be recognized in the field, and how to launch your own brand? 

You are going to need to build up social currency with other Angel investors as a first step. You need to start adding Angels to your network of course. That would be easier to do if you already joined an Angel syndicate since you will be working as a team composed of Angel investors. That is a very good way to start building up your network if you do not know many Angels, and you are new in this field.

When you add new Angels to your network, do not just leave their names in there, you need to make use of it. Contact these Angels through email, social media, or other platforms like LinkedIn. Just try to stay in touch with them, it will help you in the future if you need to ask about a little detail. You need to engage with them across these platforms, and build relationships with them as well that will help you discover which investors you like the best, and would want to work with.

As an angel, you need to present that brand, look like that person who has a lot of money to invest. Sit with the startups, put the phone aside, and give them your full time as well as attention. Even if you don’t end up investing for them, they would send people to you in the future.  

Your time is very valuable, so you need to find out why you are investing in this or that. You can even ask other investors and angels about why did they invest in that certain project. Also, do not forget to follow up! Even if you are meeting another Angel or investor, or a company you are going to invest in, it would not hurt if you send a thank you email, since you never know when your email will pop up! You just need to bear in mind these few details about being an Angel, the experience will come with time, and you will be ready to be a very successful Angel soon enough! 

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