Why Be an Entrepreneur?

This article is written by Munira Hussein, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

The entrepreneurial world sometimes attracts the wrong people who believe that there is money in it. They are not entirely wrong but like most things, people who get into it with the idea of getting rich tend to suffer. The people that start a business with the aim of solving problems and creating solutions for the world tend to eventually have a breakthrough. This can be attributed to the fact that they know why they are in it and what they are working towards.

In the recent years, there has been an outbreak of innovations and technological developments. With so many products in the market, customers are confused on what to choose and what to keep off. In an attempt to find solution to their everyday problems, they end up trying most of the products that have ended up in the market. However, their frustration has not been solved. If anything, they are more devastated by the lack of a suitable solution.

As an entrepreneur, your task is bigger than just profiting. You are like a doctor that is to treat worldwide ailments. Before creating the cure, find the problem.  Once you have identified a real time problem, create a customized solution. You can find out about the existing problems through market research. Every product you intend to design must have a potential user who actually wants your product to make their lives easier.

Entrepreneurship is about empathy. It is about looking out for people’s interests and creating value for them. When you create so many products, none of which are making any one’s life better, you are wasting resources and time, flooding the market with useless products. This goes entirely against the essence of entrepreneurship.

Technology is one of the leading solutions provider to most customer problems right now. From the online education to healthcare to online booking systems and well as purchase and sell of products among others. However, there is still a big gap to be filled. This is because most innovators focus on similar markets and overlook other sectors that require their innovativeness and proactivity.

As an innovator and an entrepreneur, find a common problem and create a unique solution. Start with your surroundings. Identify the one thing that bothers people in your neighborhood, school or county and create a solution. When your product is customized in that manner, the market will be guaranteed and you will not worry about its efficiency since you have put all that into consideration before developing the product.

You are an entrepreneur. You are a change maker. Everything you do is beyond yourself and for the good of other people. Always remember that. However difficult the journey might be, however long it might take you to make any profit, the fulfillment comes from knowing that you have ended your day by making one customer happy. It is in that fulfilment that you will find the inspiration to keep innovating and improving even when things get harder.

─ March 23, 2020