4 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Are Making on Twitter

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Twitter is the fastest platform to share your content and get feedback instantly. But entrepreneurs are still making some common mistakes while promoting themselves or businesses on Twitter.

Here are the four mistakes and how to correct them:

Using Hashtags: Yes of course, this mistake still has been the main problem because you’re not using hashtags properly. Using a hashtag sorts your tweet into different categories and also it allows to discover new people and content. You can tag eveything in your sharing. Follow the top hashtags and join the conversation to call attention.

Using hashtag sensitively is another important issue. Do not use trending topic hastags wisely. Read the tweet content carefully to not seem like a jerk after.

Using @ to your advantage: First of all, lets be clear about that. Do not start your tweets with @! It is important about integration with followers, because whenever you reply someone with a tweet start off @, tweet will be shown on only people’s feed who follow you and the person you mentioned. So put your content before the mention and maximize your integration.

Retweet problem: Just one word: Do not retweet everthing. If you want to share some valuable content, add your comments and expand it in different ways. Be creative!

Using Pictures on Twitter: If you want to blow up your tweets, add pictures to your content. Twitter has a really good feature that allows to share group of pictures. In the official Twitter apps for iPhone and Android, images are automatically expanded as a preview. According to the social media experts the tweets using pictures are 94% more likely to be Retweeted.

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