5 Networking Tips at a Conference

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Attending a professional conference is a great way to make business contacts. If you’re sort of shy about approaching people, Windows 7 Ultimate Clave
don’t worry.  Here is 5 networking tips to meet people at a conference.

1. Use a mutual acquaintance. It is easier to join a group of people if you know one of them. Introduce yourself and ask a question about the conversation topic. Meet, listen, ask, learn!

2. Attend the opening sessions and talk with people at breaks and meals. Especially don’t miss the breakfast and lunch, meet everyoneMS Windows Product Key at your table, learn about their interest and make connections.

3. If there’s someone on your list you want to talk with at the conference, just show up and start a conversation. But make sure you have a topic to discuss, so you’ll have chance to develop your relationship. And absolutely shake hands, it works!

4. Do not sell. Networking means making business connections, not selling. At a professional conference sales pitches can turn people off. If you start a conversation, discuss about the topic and then listen.

5. Help others. If you have connections, make introductions and tell people they should talk to. In the future others will remember and will do the same for you.

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