ClubInternet: ''Nouveau Connected Users''

ClubInternet has been selected for mentorship and training program at Startup Istanbul. On 29th of September all startups will pitch to the jury and top 20 will be selected for the final event.

Low-cost smartphone proliferation and mobile internet are enabling many of the 4.3 billion unconnected to leapfrog into the digital age. But these ‘nouveau connected’ aren’t experienced internet users; lacking the ‘mental model’ (intuition of how something works based on past experiences, knowledge, common sense) of WHY and HOW to use basic internet services like search, social networking, messaging etc.
Pakistan based company, ClubInternet is developing a mobile app containing interactive video tutorials and simulations. These train the ‘nouveau connected’ WHY and HOW to use basic internet services; ultimately funneling them onto the said services as ‘activated users’.


─ September 12, 2014