Crowd Analyzer: A New Way of Monitoring Social Media in Arabic

Crowd Analyzer is one of the startups which is selected for mentorship and training program at Startup Istanbul. Applications are still open. 

Dubai based startup Crowd Analyzer is a new social media monitoring platform that helps brands, agencies and individuals to search, monitor and analyze what is going on social media. The innovation comes from the ability to understand English & Arabic text automatically in terms of relevancy, dialect and sentiment. and also the ability to be tailored to any other complex language. Relevancy means that if you are looking for a word that has 2 or more different meanings, it can differentiate precisely between those meanings delivering exactly what you are looking for. It also differentiates among arabic dialects including Egyptian, Gulf and Standard Arabic. It also measures emotions. It detects the feelings behind text whether they are positive, negative or neutral.
The idea of Crowd Analyzer started with Bahaa Galal who after 4 years of working in the natural language processing field, wanted to create something that utilizes this experience. He met with the business guy Ahmed Saad who after studying the market, decided to use these natural language processing abilities in analyzing the social web. Later on, the team expanded to 4 including Mustafa Othman; the marketing guru, and Rooda AlNeama; the communication officer.

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