Pricelizer: The Easiest Way to Make Remarkable Bargains!

Pricelizer is one of the selected startups for mentorship and training program. You can see the the full list of startups on here.

Pricelizer is a Swedish start-up with great energy and capacity to make this easy to use and effective tool grow viral around the world. It is not a price comparison site, but your automatic price monitoring and alert tool. So that you can buy the products you like when the price is right. Time is money so save your money and let us save your time.
Pricelizer is a browser plugin that will save you money. Have you ever want to buy something but found the price to be too high? With that changes! Pricelizer is a totally free browser plugin, Whenever you find something you like just add it with one click to your watch list and you will then be the first who knows when the price drops.

─ September 17, 2014