Revive Your Printed Books with Booke

Booke has been selected for the mentorship and training program which will be located in Microsoft Istanbul Office. You can still apply on here.

Poland based startup is bringing your printed books back to life. Booke is a mobile app that brings all the advantages of eBooks to printed works such as books, magazines and the other printed materials. Booke users can annotate, bookmark, view richer content, distribute passages and highlights, take comments, make comments and share them on social.
With Booke, you and your friends, authors and publishers can augment the printed content with annotations and explanations, video and audio. You can see the full story behind the subject that the book or article describes. This kind of mobile application helps readers to more engage with other users and to discuss on certain topics they want. Booke makes it easy and efficient to start a conversation. It is a creative and entertaining way of reading a printed book.
It’s very easy to use Booke, just download the app to your iPhone or iPad ( just usable for iOS now), buy the book you want. Then you can use Booke to discover the hidden treasures. Booke is founded by Grazyna Szczepaniak and Jarek Bogulak.
Let’s see how Booke works:

─ September 1, 2014