8 things entrepreneurs can learn from children

In a world driven by innovation, entrepreneurs must have strong vision and enduring inspiration. Businesses create socially valuable products and entrepreneurship is unconditional example of the competitive atmosphere, created by the aim for rewarding work. Finding the muse to do something revolutionary is easier when we look for it in unexpected and unusual places. Life is the best teacher for successful entrepreneurs and we can learn so much by simply observing what is happening around us.

Entrepreneurs need to find their muse and passion to keep their business ventures on top and today we will focus on what startup owners can learn from children and how this can help them to grow their companies.

Be curious

Children are always curious about the things around them. Children get easily fascinated and they often take their time to explore and observe. As an entrepreneur you are on a mission to improve the world and to deliver something unique. Embrace your curiosity and thirst for knowledge in your search for revolutionary ideas.

Ask questions

Children ask a lot of questions in order to explain to themselves the complexity of the world. Entrepreneurs need to learn how to search for important answers related to their businesses and the most valuable answers come after the right questions have been asked. Master the skill to formulate your questions to maximize the quality of the replies you will receive.

Take risks

Children often act very brave and take bold decisions and actions along their way to learning new things. As an entrepreneur you need to be ready to take calculated risks and to embrace the many opportunities which come from these risks.

Know how to get up after you fall

Children often fall but rare cry about it for a long time. They know how to get up and move on. Children give great example how to handle failure, really learn from the mistake and move on from it. Failure is good lesson and strong motivator for the greatest business minds. As an entrepreneur you need to know how to find the strength to get up and move on after you had fallen.

No judgment

Children are not likely to be judgmental and are ready to accept different opinions and people and to embrace these differences. Entrepreneurs have to be open-minded, to be ready to try out new things and to accept different points of view.

Be creative

Children are very creative and always surprise us with their way to express themselves. Children use things differently and rely a lot on their imagination. Entrepreneurs need to feed their creativity by trusting their instinct and do the things in their own unique way.

Constant learning

Children are thirsty for knowledge and always are in search for something new. They like to explore things, to listen when somebody has something to say, to absorb information and to put the new things that they have learned into action. Entrepreneurs must be in constant journey of learning in order to keep up with the fast-changing business environment.

Pay attention to the details

Children notice the smallest things and rare overlook situations. Inspiration is all around us and we can see that there is always more in what seems less.

─ November 10, 2014