Can your idea become a successful business?

Eureka! All of the sudden this amazing idea has come to your mind. You are so excited that you have finally found the greatest concept for your startup venture that nothing seems to have the power to bring you down. However, after a moment or so, many questions start to appear and you begin to wonder: Can this idea become a successful business?

Everything we see around us has once been someone’s idea. However, in order to become well-established and lucrative business, your idea needs to prove that it has the potential to become prosperous product or service. Before you jump into the highly respected and competitive world of entrepreneurship, look closely at your idea and make sure that it gıves the opportunity to be developed.

Here you will find some interesting points of view which can help you decide if your idea can become a successful business.

Problem – solution

The customers look for products and services that bring specific value to their lives. Your idea must deliver something which will induce improvement and satisfaction to your clients. People endeavor to solve existing or potential problems according to their need to maintain contented lifestyle. It is true that where there is a problem, there must be a solution as well. Now think about your idea. Will it deliver something to your target group of people which will improve their lifestyle? Does your idea solve problems? If there is a problem, the solution becomes in demand. Is your idea ready to implement the demand-driven supply?

Can it be developed?

Going on a mission to change the world and to bring high value to the living of your customers, by providing them with one and only one complete product without the potential to develop and improve, can be just a simple waste of time. The world is changing with the speed of light. Your idea must be flexible in order to survive and so as you to be able to build strong and successful company around it.

Value and innovation

As human beings we tend to search for significance and purpose in everything we do and, consequently, buy. Value and innovation is what matters in this highly competitive business world, so your idea to be successful you need to be sure that it has what it takes to impress the customer and outrun the competition.

Is it unique or… not so much?

Do your homework and spend some time to research. Are you certain that nobody else have already done it even better? This doesn’t mean that you have to give up, just make sure that you can deliver something strong enough to become a recognizable brand in the world of so many ordinary brands.

To the market!

Your idea can be brilliant, but without a place to sell it, it continues to be just materialized idea, not a business. What is the current situation on the market that you wish to enter? Is there a place for one more product there? Is your idea big enough to fill the market demand? If the answer is no, don’t get discouraged, may be it is just the wrong timing.

Passion over 9000!

We answered the questions of business, the ones that you have probably discussed at business class. But there is one more powerful force that can help you develop your idea to a successful business foundation – your passion about it. Business is a work of mınd and heart. Ask yourself: Am I passionate enough about my idea? With this answer comes and your biggest reason to start or to move on to the next “Eureka!”.

─ November 1, 2014