Here is how to achieve your goals

Ideas become reality by putting them into action and our actions are driven by our ability to set goals. Goals define the success of the startup and your ability not only to set them but actually to work towards turning them into reality is what will increase the chances of success. Be prepared to work hard on your goals and here you can find six simple steps to follow on your way to setting and achieving your goals.

Create a plan. Creative and realistic plans on what has to be done define the successful outcomes of your actions. Plans will help you organize your time and define the steps of action. Goals are important because they carry so much from the entrepreneurial spirit and are the stepping stone to one successful business venture.

Be persistent. Practice creates perfect results. Be persistent in your actions and attempts and increase your chances of becoming better and better in what you do. The hardest goals of our lives are the ones that will bring the most value. Make sure that you learn and improve after every single step towards your dream goal.

Focus. Focus on your goal, on the steps that you need to take to achieve it, even on the outcome of your achievement. Why are you aiming to achieve this goal? What will be the benefits for your business? Keep your focus on the value of your goal and soon you will be able to see clear picture of what motivates you to follow your plan.

Put yourself out of your comfort zone. Doing the same thing over and over again will not lead you to anything different. The best way to challenging yourself is to get out of your comfort zone. Do things which you are uncomfortable with, things that require effort and a lot of thinking. Think out of the box and you will create your path to success.

Share. Do you know that up to 75% of the people who share with others succeed in achieving their goals? Sharing raise your motivation, brings other points of view to your action plan and increase the feeling of obligation to succeed in order to meet the expectations of others.

Define a deadline. Have clear overview of when you will start and when you are expected to finish. Time is the greatest way to measure your improvements and knowing exactly what you have to finish by the deadline will motivate you, will increase your confidence and will mobilize your efforts.

─ November 20, 2014