How to avoid procrastination?

Procrastination is one the biggest challenges that busy entrepreneurs face during their overwhelmed by work days. The swamped schedules and time limitation often are the reasons for demotivation and unwillingness to start and complete specific tasks, especially the boring ones.

Entrepreneurs must focus on effectiveness and good time-management in order to avoid procrastination. There are specific things that you can do so your time will be well-organized and your work will bring better value to your business.

Take your time to concentrate on what is actually the most important task of your day and put this as a priority in your schedule. Break it into small parts and steps that you need to follow in order to complete the whole task. Give yourself specific time for completing this task and start by working on the hardest part of it. Eliminate all possible distractions that can affect your performance and can disturb your focus.

Stop looking for perfection and the ideal moment to begin your work. Once the work is in process it is more likely you to have better, clearer vision on what have to be done and improve your approach and point of view on the matter.

Be determined that you can complete your work on time and think about the satisfaction which you will experience once the task is done. The relief is so rewarding and it can awaken the ambition to complete even more. It is one constant loop of emotions driven by satisfaction and motivation. Think about the negative consequences that your procrastination can lead you to and ask yourself: “Is it really worth it to go through all of this when I can just focus and get it done?” Probably you will feel remarkably motivated by both approaches – focusing on how good everything can be once you are done and how bad actually it can be when you ignore the work and constantly postpone it.

Successful strategy is the public announcement of your intentions to complete certain task. By sharing your plan with other people – family, friends or team members – can give you the obligation to yourself and others to complete your task on time. In order not to let yourself down in front of your team and successfully to keep your leadership role, you will feel more motivated and excited to complete your work on time.

Busy people often rely on multitasking as an excuse to tolerate procrastination. Multitasking is one very controversial topic that has been subject of many psychological studies. As our brains can focus in only one task at a time, it is said that multitasking is not effective when it comes to learning but can be possible when we talk about doing. Actually, productive multitasking is just the great ability to switch successfully your focus and divide your attention on different things in specific order and repetition. So basically by multitasking you are not saving time, you are just making yourself more tired.

Constant procrastination can harm your company’s image in front of your employees, customers, partners and the whole entrepreneurial community. Follow these simple advices and you will never feel on the edge again.

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