How to embrace the future Twitter changes for your startup’s social media strategy

Entrepreneurs are acquainted with the importance of social media and when we talk about Twitter, the powerful hashtag consolidates its significance. Using the microblogging platform is wonderful way to popularize your startup, to present your product to the world, to get connected with your customers and to engage with your audience.

Twitter has been surprising us with numerous controversial changes like adding cover photo to our profiles and moving the Tweet box on top of the page, and many people are unsatisfied with these changes which are putting the platform one step closer to Facebook. Facebook on the other hand also tried to avail itself from the hashtag phenomenon, but it will never reach the same success as within Twitter. It looks like these two social media are getting closer and closer to each other.

Even though the new design changes are reminding us Facebook, Twitter continues to be one of the most powerful social media. This is the reason why now is time to get excited about the upcoming changes that we will witness in the near future. There will be some innovative features which will definitely be very useful for every startup’s social media strategy.

There are no official release dates for these features but it is more likely the changes to start happening by the beginning of 2015.

Location, location, location

We all know how important location is for the success of one startup. Twitter has wonderful surprise for entrepreneurs with the presenting of tweet search by location. With the feature Tweets by location any local event can become the hot event of your city. Your startup can easily fall under the spotlight with hot trending tweets with specific location. Discovering Tweets by location is great way to become popular among people around you.

Index the hashtags

Startups need to become well-known in order to reach their customers and improve their market presence. Twitter is planning to index over 50k hashtags in order to make the powerful already search tool even more effective and easily recognizable from search engines. As hashtags become more user-friendly, the way you use them will present your startup and your content to your audience superiorly.

Advertisement and promoted posts

Twitter is planning to stimulate the promotion of tweets in order to improve the experience of the advertisers on the platform and to obtain better results from the promoted posts. After the option “Quick promote” becomes fact, it will be easier and more effective way to promote what is important for your startup and reach more people.

Video content in-app features

As video blogs become more and more popular, Twitter now tends to become more video-friendly. Even though Vine has been around for a while and many businesses had taken advantage from the popularity of the 6-second videos, now Twitter is planning to give the chance to the users to shoot, edit and upload videos within the social media. This in-app video improvement will be useful way to present your startup to the world.

Twitter is planning to make many other changes which will improve the experience of the users, like an option to see what has been trending while you were away, direct messages updates, more features that unite users around major events or specific topic.

Twitter is very important for your startup and it is good idea to take advantage of its very useful features, because social media really matters for your startup venture.

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