How to find the right niche for your startup

Even the most successfully developed product cannot be sold to everyone and the reason is that not everyone needs it. That’s why one of the first advices entrepreneurs get is related with the importance of defining their target market and customer. Finding the right niche is essential for the success of your startup because it determines the potential sales of your product, shapes the framework of your customer related strategies and defines the possibility to dominate the niche in the future.

Defining a niche doesn’t mean that you will not be ready to sell to people out of your target market. It helps you to concentrate your effort, time and money on the right group of people and still to be ready to welcome everyone who is interested.

Know what you are selling

It is clear that you fundamentally know your product – it is your creation, but make sure that you look at it from the customer’s point of view. Know what you are offering and you will be able to determine who will be buying it. Know why you are choosing the niche and make sure that the product you offer is the right product for this market place. No marketing strategy can sell systematically your product to the people who have no or less interest in it. Remember that where there is demand there is supply. But in order to grow, your business must make profit and the profit is determined by the price of your product. The relationship between the demand and supply in specific niche, along with taking under consideration the competition, will help you determine if the niche you want to enter is the right for your startup.

Do your research

In order to find their startup’s niche entrepreneurs need to do the right amount of research. By collecting some useful data on the market situations, needs and customer’s solvency, entrepreneurs can help themselves to design marketing strategy which really will work in the targeted niche. But as far as we are talking about entrepreneurship and startups, we all know that when there is innovation there is a possibility to create a whole new business path – respectively and a business niche.

Trust your vision

The niche market you are aiming for must have some kind of bound with your own personal vision, goals and business understanding. If you need to compromise with your business understanding and approach and completely change the course of your startup in order to impress the targeted customers, probably you are aiming at the wrong market. As an entrepreneur, you should trust your intuition and believe in your vision.

Your business model matters

The development of strong customer relations takes time and uses different approaches according to the business model you are using for your startup. Running a B2B or B2C business determines the niche strategy you should develop for your startup.

Be aware of the limits

How far you can go? When choosing your niche, make sure that you will have the ability to grow in this niche. Entrepreneurs run companies which are to grow and the target market should be able to expand as long as the company’s products and services develop.

Create niche marketing strategy

After you are aware of the opportunity which your niche is able to give to your startup it is the time to think about the uniqueness of your niche marketing. Knowing your customer is the number one thing which marketers have to work on. Developing niche marketing strategy has its own advantages and saves money and effort. Make sure that your startups message will be sent to the right people in the right way.

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