How to stay focused

Entrepreneurs hardly find enough time to focus on everything that needs their attention. Focusing on the wrong things can be number one mistake entrepreneurs make when it comes to the actual process of completing their work.

So how do you keep your focus on one task at a time when everything else seems equally important? You can train your brain to stay focused and here you can find three simple things you can do about it.

Create habits. It is said that it takes 21 days to build a habit and many people have used this approach to create their routines. Habits are important. They make the things that used to be of a great effort a simple part of your daily work. If you want to work on improving specific part of your startup or to solve particular problem, decide how much time per day you need to spend on this task and keep your thoughts straight to the point. Soon it will become a habit and will feel surprised how instinctively you keep your focus on this task.

Don’t rush. When you have so many things to do, it seems impossible to keep your attention on merely one thing. If you keep in mind that you have to rush in order to have time to continue with something else, then you are probably losing your focus and this affects the efficiency of your work. Don’t think about what is next, concentrate on what you are doing now and you will complete your task probably faster than you thought.

Feed your brain. Your mental performance depends on what you eat and on your exercise routine. Physical exercise helps your brain to stay sharp. If you want to improve your concentration, just get active.

There are specific foods that you can eat to sharpen your brain and improve your focus. Some of these foods are whole grains, oily fish, blueberries, green vegetables, pumpkin seeds, nuts. This, of course, is not the full list, but gives you slight idea on how the food you eat can improve your brain’s performance.

─ November 22, 2014