The most valuable college majors for startup founders

Successful entrepreneurs should teach the young generation what to do in order to succeed in the entrepreneurial world by encouraging them to learn and improve themselves. Instead of teaching them that leaving college is “great”, better show them all opportunities and let them choose the best for themselves. It is essential successful and already working entrepreneurs to encourage the young people to go to college by showing them the right direction to do so, because the idea of so many millennials who decide to ignore university education and jump into the business world without being ready is quite disturbing.

Yes, we know that Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, both at the top of the list of extraordinary entrepreneurs, have left Harvard to follow their startup ideas, but what nobody seems to point out is that these two people have already built solid knowledge, sufficient for the needs of their newly-created startups. Gates and Zuckerberg most likely have left college so they can have enough time to work on their ideas and completely devote themselves to the business. Universities are not some horrible places where you will have your creativity smashed on pieces. It is up to you how you will choose to experience your college journey.

In college you will develop many startup skills like networking and communication, you will learn to compromise, to manage your time better. The most valuable business relations start from college. Use the opportunity to meet new people, may be even your future business partner.

Your time as an entrepreneur is in your own hands and you need to use it wisely when you learn and develop skills that you will need for your startup.

Going to college just for the sake of being in college is useless, going to college with the motivation to learn is something that is worth having as an experience. Choosing your major is essential for your future entrepreneurial path and you must pick carefully and according to the main idea behind your product and service.

Once you know your industry, it gets even easier to continue your adventure of getting knowledge by looking for opportunities and get experience. Precisely the college is the place to implement your knowledge into action. Many of the most successful startups have started in the dorm room, why not yours to be the next?

If your potential business venture is not requiring specific niche knowledge, then you have the opportunity to choose major which will give you the strongest skills to pursue your dream startup path.

No one will be surprised by the fact that the most wanted majors are in the engineering fields and computer science. Working on your technical skills is essential, especially if you are building a tech startup, but do not forget to look for improvement of your business skills as well. There are many other interesting majors that will help you along your way to entrepreneurship.

All economic majors offer wonderful preparation for future entrepreneurs. Strong knowledge on how the business world functions and what the economic models are, teaches you what works and what doesn’t work so well in business. Besides the must-have skills that you will learn like how to write business plan and how to understand better finances you will learn skills which will guarantee your future success with attracting investors and winning funding.

Along with great majors like Marketing, Finance, and Management it is good choice to make a move in Psychology, because you will be working with people no matter what you choose as your startup field. Understanding the complexity of the human nature will make your work experience better and will teach you how to communicate more efficiently.

Many specifically created for entrepreneurs majors gain popularity among college students. These majors often offer courses on the key subjects related with the entrepreneurial world like Networking, Fundraising for startups and Leadership. This seems very useful but can’t you just take the extra course and learn these subjects while you concentrate on developing more technical and practical skills?

There is no number one major that you can choose for your startup, you just need to follow your passion. If you are passionate about education, proceed with degree in education. If you are passionate about design, proceed with degree in design. Specific niche majors will give you solid fundamentals of knowledge, but don’t forget that the ability to put this knowledge into action is what really matters.

Go to college with the mission to get knowledge and to expand your horizon. There are many skills you can learn if you manage to choose the best major for yourself and your startup.

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