Why Entrepreneurship should be Taught in University?

All entrepreneurs, who manage to start and grow their companies just from an idea through great action plans and execution, are the people who are shaping the future. Entrepreneurs are the visionary people who see the world differently, who want to solve problems and bring solutions, who know how to turn obstacles into opportunities and are aware of the fact that their failure will just make them stronger. The world needs more entrepreneurs. But where is the entrepreneurial spirit raised?

“Universities: Get into the game. Get into the entrepreneurship game.”  Prof. Erhan Erkut during Startup Turkey 2015 event

In many universities there are classes of entrepreneurship that teach business fundamentals, common practices and give valuable information about the way entrepreneurship works. Many may argue that natural born entrepreneurs don’t need to take classes in order to achieve great success.  But where can be the harm to encourage bright minds to explore other opportunities, different from the common corporate ladder that they are to start climbing after graduation?

Nowadays, we don’t just talk more about entrepreneurship. Actually, there are many reasons to believe that the people, who decide to take up the entrepreneurial challenge as their life mission, have tremendously grown through the years. Great news, right?

Even though having a degree isn’t absolute necessity when it comes to starting an entrepreneurial journey, it is important to know that there are possibilities and available options for people, who have interest in entrepreneurship, to sign up for entrepreneurship classes and majors. The universities must provide what many students from different academic background begin to demand more than ever – entrepreneurship classes.

Most of the entrepreneurship programs will cover classes as accounting, economics, management, marketing, communication, psychology, which can be great stepping stone for first time entrepreneurs. We have already talked about the importance of speaking the language of investors while pitching, and taking a class in university on the subject can help you accelerate you startup.

Many people choose to finish their Bachelor or Masters degrees and afterwards expand their business knowledge with a degree in entrepreneurship.

This is probably the best choice a person who comes from technical background can do in order to gain the knowledge and many valuable skills that can help them create strong company.

Having a degree in entrepreneurship might not be required, but has its bonuses when it comes to preparation, to possession of valuable skills and knowledge. This can help every entrepreneur to accelerate their startup faster than the rest, to appreciate better the valuable lessons and to understand better the challenges they will face on their long way to success.

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