10 reasons to start your own business

Entrepreneurs often hear endless reasons why NOT to start their own business, but rare people spare some time to think on why it is actually very brave and awarding experience to create your company and follow your dreams. There are many challenges, obstacles and, of course, lots of stress, but the benefits, which a person can receive from being determined to success and not being afraid of failure, are many.


Starting your own business in any stage of your life is very challenging and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You are to learn many things the hard way, because the real game is nothing like what is explained in the books. You are about to gain a life-long experience, to learn valuable lessons and become more aware of the business world and its challenges.


By starting your own business you will discover many parts of your character which you didn’t even know existed. You will become aware of your strong sides and your weaknesses. You will determine the borders of your comfort zone and how you can push yourself beyond them in order to achieve your goals. Discovering your own personality is an ongoing process, which creates major impact in the personal and business development of a person.


In your startup venture you will develop impressive amount of skills and knowledge which can help you become better prepared for every situation and future outcomes of your startup venture. Your knowledge and skills will improve and you can discover many of your hidden talents.


You are about to make a statement of your vision and deliver value to the market with your startup venture. You are the person who will create a great impact on many people’s lives – you will bring innovation, you will create jobs, you will become leader and mentor. You will create not only your own destiny, but will influence and improve the lives of many other people.


You are the person who creates the rules and you are the one who sets the most important meetings and deadlines. You are about to experience the benefits of the flexible working environment where you are able to boost your creativity and work with your personal pace and understanding of the process. You are to provide flexible schedules and to monitor your own work tasks.

Build a name for yourself

By constant networking and attending important events, you are able to build yourself a reputation as a good entrepreneur, open to the business world and ready to take challenges. It takes forever to become recognizable in your field as an employee, buy you can much easier build your reputation and receive recognition as an entrepreneur.

Make a profit

It takes time for many startups to become extremely successful, but once they do it is all worth it. Staying in charge of your income, which basically will determine the future of your business, you are to work even harder and to invest much more from yourself into your company. Your profit depends on you and you are the one responsible for the final outcomes. You are on an adventure to change the world and, of course, to make a profit from it.

You decide who to work with

You are the person who is calling the shots when it comes to choosing partners, employees, even investors. You are the one who creates the team behind your startup and this gives you the greatest opportunity ever – to create one cohesive and productive working environment.


As the owner of your startup, especially at the early stages of your business, you are able to experiment with every aspect of your work. The freedom to experiment with different approaches connected with the work process, marketing, management, company culture and so on will awaken your creative side and boost your productivity. Feeling the freedom of your decisions is what really matters in business.

More ideas

Once you start working on the execution of your idea, many more ideas will start popping up in your mind. Often people say that entrepreneurship is addictive, but actually the case is that entrepreneurship is that exciting and creative that the flow of great ideas never seems to stop. You are about to expand your vision and your business horizon will look like a rich field of possibilities and opportunities waiting for you to embrace them.

─ December 4, 2014