7 New Year resolutions for entrepreneurs

It is the time of the year when we like to review our achievements from the past 12 months and to create our New Year resolutions. Even though the resolutions simply consist of well-organized set of goals, they are more likely to bring stable and permanent life changes which can affect your business success as well as your personal lives. This is a reason why successful entrepreneurs tend to prepare their resolution lists and follow them through the whole year – because they are great source of motivation. If you don’t know where to start from, we have some suggestions for you.

Here you can find seven resolutions which can find place in the New Year’s list of every entrepreneur.

Take care of your health

Running a startup is serious, time-consuming venture and entrepreneurs rarely find the time to exercise and eat healthy. The lifestyle choices you make affect your work performance. Eat better and hit the gym at least two-three times per week and you will feel more energized and stress free. Being in a good shape can improve your work performance, boost your self-esteem, improve your concentration and increase your confidence.

Learn something new

Find the time to read and learn more. Your knowledge is the power which drives your startup. Spare some time to read a book, to learn new skills and to improve your capabilities.

Evaluate your business plan

Review your existing business plan and estimate your achievements. Revising your business plan is a great way to monitor your previous year success and to evaluate the importance of the things which you couldn’t achieve. Now is the time to append new goals and to set key milestones. Be realistic in your new goal set but don’t forget to challenge yourself a bit. It is the perfect time to improve your business plan if you are not happy with the one you have by now. If you have never created a business plan for your company, now is the ideal time to do so.


Your networking skills are vital for the success of your startup. Find the time to meet more people, to attend more events and conferences. Networking will help you meet fellow entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists. Entrepreneurs must find the time to network and to improve their business connections.  The beginning of the year is the best time to make a list with interesting events you would like to attend and to reserve your spot on time.

Stop doing what doesn’t work

Don’t stick to the regular activities and the usual decisions that you always take which lead you to nowhere. Now is the time to evaluate what does and what doesn’t work and move on. Break the loop you may think you are stuck into and focus on the new, exciting opportunities. Doing the same thing all over again and expecting different results is just a waste of time.

Move on from failure

Make sure that you learn to move from the failures like investor’s rejection, product development failures, bad hiring choices or wrong marketing strategies. All these mistakes are great source of information and experience and entrepreneurs can only learn from them, take everything they need in order to improve themselves and their businesses and move on. Don’t let the past failures define the future of your company.

Be curious

This one is an interesting resolution but really pays off. Being more curious in life and business can expand your vision, inspire bright ideas and open up many doors for you. Be more curious and you are more likely to be more innovative in your startup venture.

What would you add to your personal New Year’s resolution list?

─ December 30, 2014