The most popular articles on Startupist for December

Here you can find the top ten articles for the past month of December on Startupist and to enjoy the retrospection of everything important that you need to know about entrepreneurship and your startup venture.

5 tools to build an app prototype for you startup

Entrepreneurs must take advantage of the mobile app power and launch their startup’s app as soon as possible. Through your customers’ mobile devices you are able to connect easily with them, to expand your customer network and showcase your product and services. Most of the startup owners believe that launching an app is extremely expensive, but they should know that the investment pays off…continue here.

How to find your passion and build innovative startup

To be capable of staying focused and motivated during walking along the rocky and precarious startup path, entrepreneurs must be absolutely passionate about what they do and keep this passion alive. The most important thing successful entrepreneurs have in common is the contagious enthusiasm and passion about their businesses…continue here.

How much is too much: revealing your startup idea

There are particular options in front of entrepreneurs when it comes to securing funding for their startups – small ideas and businesses are often self-funded or funded with the help of a bank loan, but the big and absolute innovative ideas require solid funding from an angel investor or venture capitalist.

Taking risks is an essential part of entrepreneurship, but, as in any aspect of the business world, no one is protected from an idea theft. Stealing an idea is very common event in the business and basically it is the most difficult to prove in court…continue here.

10 reasons to start your own business

Entrepreneurs often hear endless reasons why NOT to start their own business, but rare people spare some time to think on why it is actually very brave and awarding experience to create your company and follow your dreams. There are many challenges, obstacles and, of course, lots of stress, but the benefits, which a person can receive from being determined to success and not being afraid of failure, are many…continue here.

Protect your personal assets from the business risk of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs tend to put all their personal assets in their business, especially at the early stages of the startup. Risking much by starting your own business, there are certain things that you can do to protect your personal assets from unexpected situations. Here we talk about the possibility to lose personal assets like your mortgage, resp. home, or other personal policies like retirement plans or insurance…continue here.

How to choose a co-founder for your startup

We have already discussed how your startup can benefit from having a co-founder and today we will focus on the process of choosing the right person and what do you need to look for in a co-founder. Choosing a co-founder is not like hiring your first employee, so it needs special attention and a lot of thought…continue here.

Web analytic tools you should try for your startup

There are plenty of web analytic tools you can use for your startup, but here we will mention the six of them, which Mathew Johnson talked about in his presentation at Master in Growth event. Master in Growth took place on December 12th in Istanbul and, as one of the biggest growth hacking dedicated events, the list of guest speakers was very impressive…continue here.

Three social media tools to save you time

Entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of staying social in business and they tend to spend sufficient amount of time to create the social media strategy for their startups. Effective social media strategy requires clear plan and efficient implementation of this plan. Staying social can be time consuming, especially when we take under consideration the multitude of channels that your strategy is deliberate to cover…continue here. receives 515.000 USD funding by several Turkish investors, which was one of startups selected at Etohum 2012 batch, just announced that it has received 515.000 USD  fund from several investors.

The winning of the 1st Award of Startup Challenge at Startup Istanbul was a great success for and didn’t only secure investment from Dave McClure and 500 Startups, but also led to the relocation of the company’s headquarter to the Silicon Valley. Despite of the relocation, it is still very popular startup amongst the Turkish investors and this allegation has just been proven after the founders of, Ozan Yerli and Göksü Orhun, announced that their funding rally for 515.000 USD, which started in the beginning of December, successfully reached its goal in less than a month…continue here.

How to build a tech startup as a non-technical person

When we talk about tech startups we almost intuitively decide that the founders of these companies are tech gurus and definitely hold a degree in Computer Science. But why to take this as an absolute rule, when there are people which have broken the cliché and are proud owners of successful tech startups even though they don’t have strong or any technical knowledge…continue here.

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