The Most Popular Articles on Startupist for March

Here you can find the top ten articles for the past month of March on Startupist and you can enjoy the retrospection of everything important that you need to know about entrepreneurship and your startup venture.

Etohum announces the dates of Startup Istanbul 2015

Startup Istanbul, the leading startup event which brings together founders, investors and executives in the region, will take place on 3-5 October 2015…continue here.

Startup Turkey 2015 Challenge and Angel Investment Awards Winners

Since 2008 Startup Turkey has been the leading startup event for Eurasia and MENA region. This year’s event took place at the luxurious Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort, situated in the beautiful city of Belek, province Antalya… continue here.

How to Become Successful Angel Investor: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

When we talk about entrepreneurship, we often emphasize on the mistakes that the entrepreneurs make and the consequences these mistakes bring to their startups. But making mistakes is very common thing not just in entrepreneurship, but in the business world in general. Failure is the only certain thing in the uncertain path of every entrepreneur, yet the most valuable lessons are learned through it…continue here.

Startup Turkey 2015: Sean Percival

Sean Percival is a Venture Partner at 500 Startups. He has a focus on Bitcoin investment and is running an accelerator in Mountain View, California. He has impressive career path and rich entrepreneurial experience – started his first Internet startup in 2006 and his second company in 2008 and has managed to successfully sell both of the companies with impressive return on investment. Sean is also CEO and Co-Founder of Wittlebee and prior to this he was the Vice President of Online Marketing at Myspace. He has personal interest in Online Marketing, Ecommerce, SEO and Bitcoin…continue here.

Startup Turkey 2015: Special Interview with David S. Rose

In a special interview for Etohum, David S. Rose, the CEO of the startup funding platform GUST, gives very valuable advice to entrepreneurs and shares his opinion about the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem…continue here.

Angel Investing: Doing It Right

Ari Korhonen is the CEO of Lagoon Capital Oy, one of the founding members of FIBAN and a leading angel investor in the Nordics. During Startup Turkey 2015 event, Ari Korhonen and Max Gurvits (CCC Startups) talked about the importance of portfolio thinking of angel investors, the differences between VCs and angel investors, talked about the things that entrepreneurs do right and wrong during their pitching presentations and what would a perfect pitch look like…continue here.

Kaushal Chokshi: What Makes an Angel Investor Tick?

Kaushal Chokshi is Founding Partner at Cross Border Angels, serial entrepreneur and angel investor. During his stage talk at Startup Turkey 2015 event, Kaushal Chokshi talked about the future of angel investing, shared how he makes the decision to invest and presented a simple equation of angel investing (team x product x market x timing = money, but only if the four factors are in sync), emphasized on the value of execution over ideas and the importance for entrepreneurs and investors to get into the global game as a part of their growth strategy…continue here.

Showcase Your Startup and Pitch to Investors Like a Winner

In some point of their startup venture, all entrepreneurs pitch in front of angel investors or VCs, or just present their companies to potential partners and even future employees. Knowing how to make impactful presentations is essential for every entrepreneur. Undoubtedly, winning a startup challenge is a big stepping stone and presents a lot of opportunities to the entrepreneurs. But winning one of the most important startup challenges in Eurasia and MENA region, Startup Turkey Challenge, is really a big deal…continue here.

7 Data Tools All Entrepreneurs Should Use

Marketing is very important for every startup, but collecting data isn’t enough – the data needs to be understood and used properly in order to display its real value. Many entrepreneurs, especially in the beginning of their venture, create, manage and analyze their marketing strategies themselves. Fortunately, there are some very useful, accessible and easy to use data tools out there that perfectly satisfy the needs of busy entrepreneurs. Understanding and visualizing their data can help all entrepreneurs in many ways, as the award-winning data visualization expert Dave Troy said during his stage presentation at Startup Turkey 2015 event…continue here.

The Ultimate Reading List: 50 Must-Read Books for Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs have many things in common and one of these things is the need to constantly improve their skills set and knowledge. Reading has special part in the life of every entrepreneur, regardless of the stage of development of their startups. Here you can find a list of 50 must-read books that will help every entrepreneur with their startup journey…continue here.

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