Five essential marketing tools for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are competing for the attention of the customers with strong, highly-recognizable brands and resourceful companies all the time. It is essential for startup owners to be more flexible when it comes to their marketing strategies in order to overrun the competition and win the attention of their target customers. Small companies, working without competent marketing team, can experience difficulties related with their online marketing. But there is no need to worry, because these five marketing tools will help you create and maintain top-notch marketing strategies.


Socedo is an automated social media lead generator which helps you to find social prospects that match your custom criteria. The criteria can be determined around key words, hashtags and other.



Mention is a great tool which helps you to follow what has been said about you. Whenever you are mentioned, you will be notified and you will never ever miss again important conversation with potential customer who is reaching to you via social media. With the option to track not only key words, but brand names as well, it is a great way to keep an eye on the competition.



This tool is a life-saver for busy entrepreneurs. It keeps all important data in one place and makes it easier to gather, visualize and even share all important information. Everything that you need to know about your startup’s performance can be found in one place.



Knowing your customer is one of the key elements for successful marketing campaigns. Tropical is a tool which gathers all customer data in one place by collecting the important data from the apps which you use on daily basis. This is one of the best ways to get to know your customers better.



This tool shows your customers well-organized part of your content and aims to convert visitors into customers by using the right content streams in order to increase engagement and conversion.


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