5 tips to achieve marketing automation success

Every business – small or big is embracing marketing automation for tasks that range from simple to complex. This way businesses are spending more time on targeting leads, building engaging content and driving greater conversions.

For someone who’s good at understanding the elementary levels of automation, the implementation can prove to be burdensome. Even if you know what to do, figuring out the exact way how things work is challenging. To answer all such issues, follow these tips.

Get the essential tools

Marketing automation adds enhancements to already existing capabilities of your company. So, before purchasing a software, it’s better to run a checklist of the following requirements.

  • Marketing Qualified Leads
  • Landing page with needful information
  • Content focused on quality and not quantity
  • Software which can be integrated with the CRM
  • Movement of leads through the Sales funnel with established processes

If you put these resources in place, the marketing automation software will deliver value.

Have an implementation plan

The initial days of technological adoption are going to be difficult. So ensure that you have a proper training plan for your employees to learn and work on the automation tool. Always consider a suitable software like Agile CRM, Hubspot, Zoho, or Marketo that offers good support and assistance during onboarding process.

Make a list of employees and delegate the work accordingly. If there are any gaps in the skill requirement, you can hire a consultant or train an existing employee who can oversee the implementation process.

Data Quality Solution is a primary need

The world is facing a data overflow.

So where’s this data coming from and where is it going? To sieve out what’s important and turn them into actionable insights will be a daunting task.

So we harp on the point to integrate CRM with automation and coordinate with the sales team. That’s important as they need different packs of data than marketers.

Experiment with a small smart

Don’t worry about the mistakes you make in the initial stages of automation, as they are unavoidable. They can work in your favour and bring positives. This also helps you to gain better understanding of the adoption and targeting at the right audience.

The trick here is to conduct these experiments on a scale that won’t affect your business and you can scale it up later.

Say yes to nurture

Everyone likes to reiterate this most popular tip. The objective of marketing automation is not to achieve sales, but make the leads ready for interaction. There are many customer touch points from the first contact to the sales closure.

As soon as you have purchased the automation software, don’t jump quickly into bombarding your leads with offers in an attempt to close on them.

What you are looking at is to develop an ever-lasting relationship with potential buyers and transform them into loyal customers.

Writer: Krishna Govada

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