Five Key Steps to Becoming Better Entrepreneur

Success is relative term that carries different meaning and message for every entrepreneur. Being successful in your venture can be measured by meeting certain milestones and achieving specific measurable goals. How can an entrepreneur, especially a first-time entrepreneur, find the right way to becoming successful in their venture? Of course, there isn’t a specific recipe, but there are key ingredients that can be added and differently mixed, according to the personal preferences of every startup owner, to make them better entrepreneurs.

Learn how to send the right message

Entrepreneurs are passionate about their companies and they need to learn how to make this enthusiasm contagious. Potential customers and investors must know how much you appreciate your work in order to start appreciating it as well.

Tip: Be passionate about your business and don’t be afraid to show it. Your confidence is always in your advantage.


Look for examples and good practices from other successful entrepreneurs, from the company history of big enterprises, from the competition if needed. Learn by observing what you can do and what you can’t do, how to avoid the cliché and how to improvise. Don’t forget that if it didn’t work for others, it doesn’t mean that I won’t work for you. Learn from your own mistakes, but from the mistakes of others, as well.

Tip:  Read, listen, take advice, find a mentor, but stay true to yourself.

Follow a plan

Even a shallow plan can be in better use from “no plan”. Create your action map and highlight the milestones that you would like to achieve. Then create an execution plan. Highlight how you will be achieving your goals. Be a person with a plan who is willing to improvise when needed, than a person with an idea and no clear vision of how this idea will actually work. Success is not final destination, it is a journey. Arm yourself with patience and follow your plan.

Tip: Create your plan based on your vision and don’t mislay the main idea behind your business.

Expect the unexpected

Entrepreneurship is tough and you should be ready to face many different challenges along your way to success. Be ready to face many obstacles and unexpected events – some of them good, some of them bad. Be prepared to feel unprepared. This is the charm of entrepreneurship – the adrenalin of making smart decisions faster and relying on your intuition more often than ever before.

Tip: Don’t wait for the right moment, because it may never come. Accept that you will be constantly learning and be prepared to get surprised (from the others and from yourself) more than expected.

Challenge yourself

Entrepreneurs can’t grow their business if they are not ready to grow their personalities. Be ready to challenge yourself every single day, to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears. In some point of your venture it becomes more personal than ever and entrepreneurs must know that their business depends on them.

Tip: Overcome your Ego, overcome your fears and learn to work hard and complain less and you will have what it takes to feel successful.

─ February 2, 2015