Five Things You Can Do on Weekends to Help Your Startup Success

Finding the so called “work-life balance” from the point of view of devoted entrepreneurs, whose life is dedicated to their startups, isn’t easy. Many argue that when we talk about entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in general, this thin line between work and personal life simply doesn’t exist. Entrepreneurship requires devotion and commitment. But, by giving yourself some time away from your startup, you can really avoid burnout and keep your focus and realistic judgment. It is possible to take days off your work without feeling guilty about it, but there are many ways to help your work while you are away, as well.

Having the weekend free can be a luxury for many entrepreneurs. There are many out-of-office activities that are not related with your work which you can do happily on weekends and still help your success. Here you can find five ideas about things that you can do on weekend that will help you become more successful.

Get creative

Take up a hobby on weekends that can take you away from your everyday tasks, that can help you switch your focus to something not business related but can also boost your creativity. Weekends are great time to get creative: make crafts, paint, build a house for your pet… Read a book, go to opera, or watch a movie… Simply do anything that can inspire you in an unexpected way. Do you know that even by looking at art you are stimulating your right brain hemisphere? Creativity is a key to innovation and we all know how important innovative ideas are for entrepreneurship.

Get active

Take up some physical activity which inspires you to get active. Sport doesn’t have to be boring. Find the activity that you enjoy and stick to it. Anything that is challenging is inspiring. Go hiking, climbing, swimming. Get connected with the nature around you. If you prefer calmer activities, take up yoga classes. By training your body, you are training your brain.

Get social and network

Weekends are great time to attend networking events. Now, some may consider it as working, but keeping in touch with fellow entrepreneurs can be really inspiring. Organize small casual meetings with people that make you happy and you will have fun and get inspired at the same time.


Take some personal time just for yourself. No technology, no phones, no Internet. Take the time to relax, meditate, and to clear your mind. There isn’t better time than on weekends to connect with your inner self and get rid of the stress from the whole past week.

Plan ahead

Take some time to plan ahead your next week tasks, but also spend some time to focus on your short-term and long-term goals. Plan realistically, but also think about the things that you want to accomplish in the future, connect with what makes you passionate about your startup and keep your vision alive. Weekends are great time to do so by inspiring yourself about the future.

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