Innovation and creativity: Where do ideas come from?

Innovative ideas have important impact on the growth of every startup. All startup teams must aim to create innovative products and services that solve problems, bring value and make a difference in the customer’s life. Most entrepreneurs are creative people who use their vision to create innovative products. But we have to remember that all business owners sometimes hit an “idea plateau” and then they need to do something differently in order to boost their creativity once again. 

So, we know how important creative thinking is for the success of any startup, but what exactly is creativity and where do creative ideas come from?

Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from?

What are the environments that lead to the creation of ideas? Steven Johnson introduces his opinion about ideas as a network of neurons and emphasizes on the importance of connecting ideas vs. protecting them.

Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius.

Julie Burstein: 4 lessons in creativity.

Creativity grows of everyday experience; it grows from the broken places, from the failures that we need to learn from.

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