5 Startup Habits You Should Keep No Matter How Big Your Business Grows

All entrepreneurs want their companies to grow, to become stable and profitable businesses, but they should be aware that with the growth many other changes will come, and these changes will lead to major alterations in the company. Changes are necessary, there is no need to worry about them happening. But when does a startup stop being a startup? Or may be it really doesn’t matter that much?

There are many advantages that startups have before big corporations.  And there are many things that you, as a leader, can keep in mind and keep as habit when your company starts to rapidly grow. Here you will find five startup habits that are worth keeping even after your startup  grows and doesn’t rock the startup title any longer. 

Find time for everyone on your team. With the growth of your company, your team will also grow and it may seem impossible to equally communicate with everyone on the team. But it is your responsibility to stay connected to your team members and it is always a good idea to keep this startup habit in order to lead your team in a better direction, to motivate and inspire them.

Network. Once you have built a growing company, you don’t have to settle and stop networking. Participate in events, help other entrepreneurs that are just starting their venture, keep in touch with people and never stop expanding your network.

Take risks. Of course, as much as your company grows, that much you have to lose if you risk big, but this is how you can win big, only by risking big. Keep the entrepreneurial spirit and never settle for less than you want and deserve.

Work hard. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake to believe that once they have managed to grow their companies, everything will just run smooth and the hard work is over. If you think like this, not just you will destroy your company, but will damage your reputation.

Hire carefully. Your team is what makes your company strong. No matter how big your company is now, it is still important to keep an eye on the people that get hired and have the ambition to maintain exquisite hiring culture.

─ April 15, 2015