The Importance of Growth, Collaboration and Hope for the Future of Entrepreneurship

Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference was attended by awesome list of speakers. Marc Nagger, Brett Nakatsu and Ahmat Sufian Bayram from Techstars took the stage to talk about some important aspects of entrepreneurship.

Marc Nager talked about the revolution of the entrepreneurial industry through the years, pinpointed the growing importance of pre-accelerators and discussed what is expected to be seen in the future of entrepreneurship.

Brett Nakatsu talked about the importance of entrepreneurial communities that collaborate well and emphasized on the fact that the accumulation of all entrepreneurial programs is what creates sustainable startup ecosystem.

Ahmad Sufian Bayram took the talk to a whole different level by turning the attention of the audience to the significance of hope, as a driving power for entrepreneurs from MENA region.

Watch the whole stage talk in the video below and feel free to share your opinions in the comment section.

─ November 27, 2015