Five Habits That Will Make You Smarter

Many entrepreneurs admit that entrepreneurship, more or less, is a creative process, in which original business ideas, that inspire action and innovation, are being turned into reality. Every startup owner takes important business decisions in a short period of time, solves complicated and unexpected problems and always needs to be in the best shape when negotiating. All of this requires good concentration and strong brain power. This is why it is important to train your brain regularly, which will help you to have clearer mind, to take decisions faster and to boost your creativity.

In order to overcome the troubles of working under constant stress, which can lead to burnout, all busy entrepreneurs can do these very simple five things – and try to turn them into daily habits – that will help them to increase their knowledge and improve their logical thinking process.

Break the routine

Spend 5-10 minutes each day to do something that you don’t normally do. Read a book, which is not related to your work or field of regular interest. Listen to a podcast on an unknown for you subject. Find an interesting YouTube Channel, which introduces you to an enthralling topic. Break the routine and try to think out of the box in order to stay inspired and to continue your day with sharper mind.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language is not just interesting and inspiring activity, it is also very good method to boost your brain power. If you are not already learning a foreign language, here you can find very helpful list of online language course platforms, which are very easy to use and extremely useful.


Keep a journal and write down new ideas, thoughts, quotes, basically anything that you think deserves attention. Often go over the written notes and you will probably find inspiration and interesting ideas and topics from your journal. Create a milestone for yourself: for example, write down every day at least five new ideas that have crossed your mind and soon you will have a rich list of things and ideas that can actually be very beneficial to your startup.

Start an online course

There is good amount of online courses, which every entrepreneur can sign up for and participate in their own pace. For just half an hour per day you will be able to gain quality information and knowledge from top universities from around the world. Check this useful list of online course sources and choose the courses that suit your interests the most.

Network with the right people

Try to establish close relationships with people who are interesting and who know how to inspire others. Nothing is better than an engaging conversation with a person, who has valuable knowledge, interesting experiences and is also willing to share them.

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