10 Things You Should Do Regularly If You Want to Become Better Entrepreneur

Tony Robbins has said: “People are rewarded in public for what they practice for years in private.” Often under the spotlight are entrepreneurs, who seem like they can achieve all of their goals effortlessly. We tend to call them “natural born entrepreneurs”. Well, this might not always be the case. Of course, there are many personality traits that help people to be better at entrepreneurship, but let’s don’t forget that through practice and experience everyone can become better at what they do.

So, there are things, which you can do regularly to help yourself become better entrepreneur, and here you will find 10 of them. If you have embraced some of them in your daily routine, you are on the right way. If not – you are always able to expand your list of daily habits if you truly want to achieve success with your startup venture.

Stay informed. Knowing what is happening not only in your industry, but in the world in general, is giving you the chance to get new perspective and the ability to seize new opportunities. Not more than 10-15 minutes a day are needed to keep up with the news.

Network. Your busy schedule is probably holding you back from finding time to talk to people during the day. Don’t let the work absorb you to a level that you don’t have enough time for networking. Your personal and business networks are important for the success of your company, so try to find time to engage in conversations with others, to meet new people and keep in touch with people you’ve already met.

Communicate with your team. Many entrepreneurs don’t spend enough time to talk to their team members, to listen to their troubles, concerns and even advice. The success of your business is as much as in the hands of your team members as it is in your own. Building a great team is hard, but keeping it together – motivated and inspired – is even harder.

Listen to your customers. Of course, you are busy with the development of your product or the improving of your services, with raising money and talking to investors, but never forget to find time to evaluate the feedback that your customers give you. In the end, without them, there will be no need for your product, so try to communicate with them as much as you can.

Think out of the box. Spend time to free your mind and put your imagination to work. Embrace even the bravest or craziest ideas that come in mind, write them down, because you never know when they will be needed. Think about innovation and put your creative genius to work every day, so it won’t get rusty.

Share your knowledge. People often say that you get what you give. By sharing your knowledge with others and giving them the chance to learn something that you have learned from your experience, you are helping others and you are helping the entrepreneurial community around you. Find time every day to help your community and you will enjoy the fulfillment of being helpful.

Challenge yourself. Every single day try to do something that you’ve never done before. It doesn’t have to be something huge and extremely time-consuming – just make sure that it challenges your ability and pushes you one step further than you’ve ever pushed yourself before.

Be active. Movement is life. So, make sure that you find time for physical activity during your day. Sometimes even a walk at the park can make you more energized and can help you clear your mind. Make sport activities inseparable part of your daily routine and you will not only be in great shape, but you will be able to minimize the stress and boost your energy level.

Make better food choices. Just cut the junk food out of your life and try to eat healthy. The food is the fuel of your body and mind, so try to make better choices and maintain healthy diet.

Make time only for yourself. Creating personal time is essential for all entrepreneurs. It will help you to clear your mind, to get better perspective on your work and personal relationships, and will prevent burnout. Spare some time to do the things that you truly enjoy – meet with friends, read a fiction book or a magazine, visit your favorite restaurant. Just every single day make something that is just about you!


─ April 12, 2016