From Failure to Co-founding a Million Dollar Company

Varun Agarwal is an Indian entrepreneur, film maker, designer and author. In his highly inspirational INKtalk, he reveals how, after breaking the stereotype that engineering is the only way to success, the only thing that mattered was to stop overthinking everything and to actually start doing it. Varun Agarwal’s story is very inspirational, especially for first time entrepreneurs, who are bothered by the (sometimes discouraging) question: What do you know about business? Nothing.

This young entrepreneur shares his insecurities along his way to success and how he learned to deal with his critics. He proves once again that failure is an inevitable part of every success and that it only matters if you let it matter. What do you think about Varun Agarwal’s story? Do you find it inspirational?

─ May 25, 2015