Myths of Entrepreneurship: The Risk Seeking Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is risky venture and all entrepreneurs are often described as risk takers, aren’t they? In his TED Talk, Tim Folta talks about the myths of entrepreneurship, precisely concentrating on the myth that entrepreneurs are risk seekers.

According to Tim Folta, entrepreneurs don’t seek out risk, they don’t necessarily prefer it, they try to manage it through thoughtful experiments and leveraging resources. He pinpoints the fact that the average entrepreneur changes business model six times prior launch and emphasizes on the fact that all venture capitalists and angel investors, before they invest, evaluate whether entrepreneurs perceive the relevant risks of their venture.

Professor Tim Folta is Director of the Connecticut Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Thomas John and Bette Wolff Family Chair of Strategic Entrepreneurship at University of Connecticut. His areas of expertise include Entrepreneurship, Corporate Diversification, Market Entry and Exit and Managing Uncertainty. Watch his TED Talk in the video below.

─ May 13, 2015