The Art of Creative Thinking

All successful companies once have been just ideas, more specifically said: great ideas with impeccable execution. The execution of great ideas requires the development of other, smaller ideas, plans and action maps. If you struggle to reach your Eureka! moment and you often feel stuck, there is no need to worry. The art of creative thinking has been an important part of entrepreneurship and every startup owner should try to think out of the box in order to innovate.

Many times we have talked about the process of generating new ideas and how these ideas can become the foundation of one game-changing business venture. In our article How to Generate Great Ideas we have emphasized on some interesting ways to follow if you want to reach your creative genius. From having a hobby through keeping a journal to scheduling a “creative hour” – you have the chance to explore your creative potential.

In another article Innovation and Creative Thinking as Important Part of Entrepreneurship, we have talked about innovation and the important role of creative thinking in entrepreneurship. Innovative ideas are essential part of entrepreneurship. Many startup owners embrace different approaches when it comes to generating creative ideas through constructive thinking and brainstorming and you can try to do the same as well.

Creative thinking is not as simple as it sounds. We all say that it is important to think out of the box in order to innovate and create unique product or service. Watch Giovanni Corazza’s talk at TEDxRoma, where he talks about creative thinking and more specifically about how to get out of the box and generate ideas.

In another TEDx Talk, Raphael DiLuzio at TEDxDirigo talks about the things lost and the things discovered and emphasizes mainly on the demystifying of the creative process. 7 Steps of Creative Thinking is highly inspirational talk, which can impress and inspire every person, who want to understand the art of creativity better.

Do you think that creativity is important part of entrepreneurship? Do you consider yourself a creative person?

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