The Right Way to Set Goals

Setting goals is important, especially when it comes to maintaining strong motivation and self-confidence along with providing the opportunity to monitor your progress by following your goal plan. Your business plan epitomizes some of your business goals and by following it you can still manage to measure your startup’s progress. But entrepreneurship goes far beyond the business plan because it is a state of mind which requires strong discipline and talent to achieve what is needed to be achieved in order to innovate.

Setting goals is not the hardest thing that we do. The hard part comes when we try to figure out the road map to follow, which will lead us to turning the goals into reality. Decide to do some small changes and make them work for you and help you come one step closer to achieving your biggest goals.

Every goal can be executed if you set the right mindset and decide to divide it into small steps. Even the hardest goal looks easier when it is divided into parts. Every single small change that you make, every single step forward that you decide to do in your daily routine will take you one step closer to achieving your goals.

The right way to set goals can be defined with these three steps:

1. Make your goal as clear, detailed and comprehensive as possible. 

2. Break the main goal into small, everyday goals. In order to achieve something big, you should be ready to spend a lot of time and effort on it. By breaking something into parts you will be able to look at the whole picture from another angle. It will look less scary and much easier to be achieved, which can boost your motivation. The results will be easier to be seen, which will bring the rewarding feeling of achievement.

3. Set action plan. Once you know what you have to do in a sort and long term, it will be much easier for you to create your execution plan, to include it in your schedule, to stick to it and easily measure your progress.

─ June 13, 2015