Three Pieces of Bad Entrepreneurship Advice You Can Get

Let’s just say it: people love to give free advice! There is always someone who knows exactly what you have to do, who says how you should have done something, who has an opinion on every single decision you make in your business venture. Well, this can be annoying. Not every advice is worth listening to. As an entrepreneur, you should look for mentoring and try to learn as much as you can from other successful entrepreneurs, but never forget to trust your intuition, to experiment, to innovate and to stick to your vision and business mission.

Taking every advice, which you receive, very seriously can be a big mistake and here you can find three pieces of bad entrepreneurship advice, which you should not listen to.

Do only what you are good at.

If you do only what you are good at and never try something new, you will never learn to actually do something new. Don’t stick only with what you are good at, but always aim to become good at other things, to master them and to implement them in your business. Who does not try new things, will never get different results.

Never give up.

This could be powerful advice, but sometimes it can be tricky. In business, being stubborn isn’t in your advantage. Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to react when they see a dead end and this discourages them. Many entrepreneurs give up on their dreams just because they don’t know when to let go, to look for another option/solution and when to change their point of view. Sometimes it is good decision to close one door in order to open another.

You are the most important person in your company.

You are NOT the most important person in your company. You might be the leader, the heart and soul of the startup, but what makes your company strong is your team. Be a good leader and respect your team without making them feel that their opinions don’t really matter in the decision  making process. Be the leader, who you would like to follow.

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