How Can You Save a Company?

Here is the full answer of one of the questions Ross Kingsland was asked in a special interview at Startup Turkey.

How can you save a company?

“Usually it’s just some really really simple things that you can start doing very very quickly to change your growth projection. So take an easy one and one of the ones that most people overlook is the existing community they already have. Everyone wants to go international right you know if you are a hotel app if you’re a coffee delivery app or something anything right everyone’s going international how to do that well everything gets strategic trade links are you know barrier entry issues after the ambassador you don’t need any of that shit frankly. All you need is that community you’ve already got around your core product. Every single one of them has got contact outside outside your country, start there. that is the easiest. If they already bought into you they already love you, they already love what you are doing enough that they signed up that they invested in you and I assume that you are doing a good enough job and you’re actually developing that relationship and then you go from there and say hey is there anyone you know in the hotel industry who may be in a different country we could talk to? That’s how you get international expansion if you got like no budget, if you just try to think differently and expand differently that’s how you start.”


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