3 Reasons to Keep a Business Journal

Keeping a personal journal has been very popular way to note important (and not so important) events in one’s life. On the other hand, not many people keep a journal at work. Writing down your thoughts, business ideas and experiences can be very useful for your business life, especially when the time comes to make important decisions and brave steps ahead. There are many benefits from keeping a journal at work and here we will talk about three of them. Keep reading… and keep writing!

Keep track of your ideas and thoughts

Ideas sometimes pop up in your head out of nowhere and, if you don’t write them down, it is most likely to go away as fast as they showed up. Don’t let your ideas fade away. Write them down in your journal and you will never again forget something important that could change the direction of your startup.

Learn from past mistakes

The business world changes, the markets change, even you change with every single year and it is understandable to notice that the way you do business changes as well. Have you ever read an old email with the thought: What was I thinking? Well, I guess we all have. So, think about it: if you can read your business ideas, thoughts, strategies from the past year and reevaluate them, may be you will be able to analyze your past mistakes, learn from them and improve your future business approach.

Evaluate your progress and business growth

Having a business journal will help you to analyze better your progress. It will help you to see what you have done right, what you have done wrong and what you should have never done. Your journal is the place where you can follow every step that you’ve taken and see where it led you to. This is one of the most effective ways to keep track on your progress, to follow your ideas, to analyze your actions from the past  and to create your strategies for the future.

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