How Hubspot Tests New Startup Ideas, Products or Technologies

Our world is continuously changing.  Every day we experience a new technology, idea or a product. When an individual creates new startup or product, he may concern to publish it with Hubspot. Hubsopt tries to find out if the technology, startup idea or new product we develop, can be beneficial or not. For this purpose Hubspot uses a framework to test it. They name it FIRST framework. In this article we will describe what FIRST framework really is.

FIRST framework has five steps, which are:

F (fake it)

          First step includes the fact that you should advertise your product before actually develop it. If you have completely understood your idea then make a 90 second video to explain it. Create a landing page, which represents your idea. Start a little contest, so people come and register on your landing page. Then create design of your product. Just design – at this point there is no need to work on back end. From this you can find out if people want or not what you have.

I (Iterate)

          Don’t chase big deal fast cash. Always try to make small changes instead of bigger and complicated changes. Always set a clear goal about what you want to be. Sometimes people choose a path, which does not fit them and at the end of day they lose everything. Don’t ever hesitate to ask for help. The key thing is not to lose your focus. Do one thing at a time.

R (Retention)

The next step is focusing on your retention. Make sure that every day you make a new permanent customer. If a customer leaves, then ask him why he leaves and according to his comments try to make your product better so it can attract more people.

S (Scale-up)

          Perfection is the key to success, so try to build your startup in a way that can attract the people. Once your perfection is fit according to the people, your growth will increase day by day. Remember that your technology cannot lead you to the road of success. It’s your community of people who can do that. Break the part of your model check it as is it working according to your sequence of instruction or not.

T (Testing)

          The essential step of all the models or framework is test. Remember one thing – there is no shortage of ideas in this world. Good execution is what is lacking. So you have built your product working on it with your team. Always test it whenever you create a change, add a new module or delete an existing module. You always try to make your product better and better so change is a continuous process in this framework.

That was short introduction of FIRST framework which is use by Hubspot to test an idea in their centers. If you want to execute your idea then surely this framework will be very helpful for you.


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