8 Reasons Why You Should Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Do you want to start a business, but you wait for the perfect moment? Do you believe that you can change the world by bringing valuable product or service to the market, but you can’t find the courage to make the first step? Are you relying on your regular pay check just to avoid the uncertainty of working for yourself? If the answer is yes to all of these questions, probably the time has come for you to reevaluate your long-term goals, to rediscover your life calling and to make the bravest decision of your life: to start your own business.

Watch the inspirational and eye-opening talk of Mike Soutar at TEDxOxford 2011 and learn why you need to take the step and start your own business without waiting to be hospitalized before you do so. Mike Soutar gives 8 reasons why you should unleash the entrepreneurial spirit and dive in the exciting world of entrepreneurship. Enjoy!

─ July 9, 2015